Ena ♡
good morning to the fellow chronically online, my name is ena and my pronouns are he/she.
typology, yoi, enstars, genshin, milgram, honkai, and proj sekai are my main interests.
my current hyperfix is kdramas. my faves are hotel del luna, our beloved summer, and 2521 (fck the ending) but it shifts kinda quick. also... i actually cannot shut up about yuzuru hanyu and i might be choi wooshik's biggest fan or whatever. i will def spam your tl with all of them. and i rt a lot (like a LOT) of art. be forewarned.
i collect xnfjs like my life depends on it and i'm obsessed with Fe.
i’m xntp 4w3 (sometimes it wings 5) 416 so/sp rluen chao/neu
that makes me sound like i have no idea how typology works. trust me i do, i just forget who i am every few hours.
perceive me as a mixture of ena shinonome, jang manwol, C.C, zhongli, ayato kamisato, and yuuri katsuki. we do not talk about na heedo cause i might combust :heart:
i have other things(?) i hardcore relate to it's cringe to list them all out.
here’s where we have to get :seriousface: i am madly in love with victor nikiforov and mikoto kayano. baek yijin is the newest addition to Fe users targeted against me.
i'm also pretty attached to choi ung, hiyori tomoe, vil schoenheit, luke pearce, gu chansung, lelouch lamperouge, koizumi itsuki, mizuki akiyama, and saeyoung choi.
kazui mukuhara, hajime shino, ritsu sakuma, tsukasa tenma, xiao, and ayaka kamisato are my most beloveds, so don’t interact if you like them in any form.
it's a long list but i am very possessive and get annoying as fuck so just stay away. it's not you, it's definitely DEFINITELY me.
thank you for listening to my ted talk have a great day
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